Pelan #11: “Thicker than paint” and “Rain, Once again”

Pelan #11:
Title: “Thicker than paint” and “Rain, Once again”
Director: Maryam Sepehry
January 18, 2015
Emily Carr University

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“Thicker than Paint” is a portrait of an Iranian woman, a self-taught artist, who finds her way through all struggles of life. By starting from her everyday experiences, the film depicts how she reached her own vision, and style by internalizing all outside worlds’ troubles, and rendering them within her own unique paintings.

“Rain, Once again” depicts Louise Firouz’s love and perseverance in finding ponies suitable for children resulted in one of the most significant equestrian discoveries of recent times – the Caspian horse, believed to be extinct for 1300 years.

Followed by post-screening Q&A session with director.