Pelan#31: “Mouth Harp in Minor Key”+Q&A with Filmmaker

Title: “Mouth Harp in Minor Key”

Written and Directed by Maryam Sepehri
Run Time: 62 minutes
In English and Persian with English subtitles.

Dates of screening:
1-Friday February 15, 2019, at 7 pm- Simon Fraser University, Vancouver Canada-Room 2270
2-Wednesday February 20, 2019, at 7 pm- West Vancouver Memorial Library-1950 Marine Dr.

Exile as a radically transformative experience is the theme of this documentary tracing the journey of Hamid Naficy from his boyhood growing up in Iran under the Shah to the 1979 Revolution, when he was studying in the U.S., to his present as the foremost historian of Iranian cinema and renowned authority on Iranian diaspora culture. Filmmaker Maryam Sepehri explores the impact of history before and after the Islamic Revolution on the generation of those whose lives are divided between early life in the homeland and adulthood in permanent exile in the West. The film portrays Naficy’s unique role as an interpreter of the experience in all of its complexity.

About the filmmaker:
Maryam Sepehri was born in Iran. Her family moved to Tehran when she was 17. She began her university career by studying medicine and then worked for a few years in a medical lab. After that, she returned to school to get a B.A. in film making (2010) and an M.A. in photography (2012). For many years she has made short films and taken photographs, as well as writing short stories and translating from English to Farsi.
Her documentary film Rain Once Again (2012) won the award for best documentary film at the Sooreh International Short Film Festival and was nominated in this category at the 28th Tehran International Short Film Festival. Her next documentary, Thicker than Paint (2013) won the Special Cream City Cinema Jury Prize at the 5th Milwaukee Film Festival. Her photographs have been exhibited in Iran, Italy, and Germany, and her short stories and travelogues (some with accompanying photographs) have been published in Iran in book and magazine form. Mouth Harp in Minor Key (2017) is her last documentary till now which was nominated for several prizes including best film, best editing and best director in the 11th IRAN International Documentary Film Festival “CINEMA VERITE” and House of Cinema.