Pelan#27 “Fest of Duty”

Title: Fest of Duty” (2014)- 61min
Director: Firoozeh Khosravani

September 21, 2018
Simon Fraser University- Harbour Center (Vancouver)
University of Concordia (Montreal)


‘Fest of Duty’ (جشن تکلیف) is a religious ceremony designed to establish Islamic beliefs and values in girls when they reach the age of nine. The film follows two adolescent cousins as they enter into adulthood eight years after their official Fest of Duty.

About Director:
Firouzeh Khosrovani (born in Iran) settled in Italy to complete her art studies at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Brera. She made her filmmaking debut with a documentary about the Iran-Iraq War. In 2007, she directed a documentary “Rough Cut” which won several international awards. In 2011, she participated in a collective project Espelho Meu, winner of the Best National Documentary Award in Documenta Madrid. In 2012, she made documentary “Iran, Unveiled and Veiled Again”. In 2014 she produced and directed “Fest of Duty” and also participated in a group project titled “Profession: Documentarist” with six independent women documentary filmmakers from Iran – who were brought together by the desire to capture the world around them. “Radiography of a Family” is her latest film which portrays the story of a daughter of a secular father and a devout mother.

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“PELAN" is a nonprofit and nonpartisan project, organized by a group of students and graduates of "Simon Fraser University (SFU)" in Vancouver. “PELAN" has been initially designed for screening the contemporary documentaries and short films about Iranian people made by independent Iranian/non-Iranian directors. While these movies may have been banned in Iran, they have been presented in international film festivals all around the world. So, we believe this is a great opportunity for Iranian living in Vancouver to watch these artworks on a bigger scale. “PELAN" was established in 2013 and it has been happening since then and so far we have screened several documentaries from Iranian filmmakers who work inside and outside of Iran. We've also been organizing online Q&A sessions with the directors/producers at the end of the screenings.

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