Pelan #25: “Revolution Road, The Professor Nejatollahi Crossing”

Title: “Revolution Road, The Professor Nejatollahi Crossing” (2010-2013)- 53min
Director: Nassim Najafi

November 18, 2016
Simon Fraser University- Harbour Center, Room 2270
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Right after the 1979 Iranian Revolution and the replacement of the Pahlavi dynasty by the Islamic Republic regime, many street names were changed to the names of the martyrs of the Revolution. Some of these names were historically famous and familiar for Iranian people but some other were totally unknown and unfamiliar individuals. One of them was Kamran Nejatollahi. This documentary is about him and other university professors, whom tried to raise their voices and organize a peaceful protest against the regime of Shah; the killing of Kamran during demonstrations; the tribunal of his presumed assassin in the revolutionary court; the lives of his colleagues after that; and finally their feelings and thoughts about what they wanted to achieve in those days: A Revolution!

Nassim Najafi begun her film studies in 2006 in Tehran Film School after finishing engineering studies in university. Her early works consist of an experimental short film and a documentary about one of the Iranian films (part of a bigger project focusing on Iranian cinema). The idea for her new documentary was very simple: “Who was Kamran Nejatollahi?”. She spent three years of extensive researches on this topic to collect enough materials (interviews, photos,historical facts and footages) for making her first independent documentary “Revolution Road, The Professor Nejatollahi Crossing”. The movie sheds lights on part of Iran’s history after revolution that we are not necessarily aware of that.

The movie was screened in “Iran International Documentary Film Festival, “Cinema Verite” and “House of Cinema Festival” competition. Nassim is still working in Iranian film industry as an editor, production manager, film critic, and documentary maker. She is currently working on her new documentary.

Followed by post-screening Q&A session with filmmaker.

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“PELAN" is a nonprofit and nonpartisan project, organized by a group of students and graduates of "Simon Fraser University (SFU)" in Vancouver. “PELAN" has been initially designed for screening the contemporary documentaries and short films about Iranian people made by independent Iranian/non-Iranian directors. While these movies may have been banned in Iran, they have been presented in international film festivals all around the world. So, we believe this is a great opportunity for Iranian living in Vancouver to watch these artworks on a bigger scale. “PELAN" was established in 2013 and it has been happening since then and so far we have screened several documentaries from Iranian filmmakers who work inside and outside of Iran. We've also been organizing online Q&A sessions with the directors/producers at the end of the screenings.