Pelan #22: “First Iranian Short Animation Night” (2003-2015)

Pelan #22:
Title: “First Iranian Short Animation Night” (2003-2015)- 77 min
A collection of ten Iranian short animations.
March 14, 2016
Simon Fraser University- Harbour Center, Room 1800

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Poster is based on: “Based on Photo” by Elika Mehranpour

For this month’s Pelan, plan is adding new theme to its routine movie screening by organizing first animation night. This is an exciting ride with a collection of 10 short animations made by young talented artists who live and work in Iran. An eye opening project as it contains a range of funny, musical, colorful artworks as well as black and white, sharp and heart wrenching stories. Whatever they are, we are sure that these honest and sometimes very personal stories will tickles your senses.