Pelan #17: “Plane Grove (Chenarestan)” (2014)

Pelan #17:
Title: “Plane Grove (Chenarestan)” (2014)- 67 min
Director: Hadi Afarideh
Sepember 14, 2015
Simon Fraser university

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The 17km Vali Asr street with 60,000 plane trees connects the south of Tehran to the North. Afarideh’s film portrays past hundred years of modern Tehran by looking at the longest street in the Middle East as a manifestation and remembrance of social and political events.

Followed by post-screening Q&A session with director.

Pelan #16: “Jerry & Me” (2013)

Pelan #16:
Title: “Jerry & Me” (2013)- 38 min
Director: Mehrnaz SaeedVafa
August 13, 2015
Simon Fraser university

Jerry and Me


Iranian filmmaker Mehrnaz Saeedvafa examines questions of identity utilizing a surprising metaphor: the comedies of Jerry Lewis. While a young girl in pre-revolutionary Tehran, Saeedvafa was fascinated by the spastic Jewish funnyman who was often dubbed into Farsi. Years later, she reconsiders all things Jerry in the light of an uncomfortable personal encounter.

Followed by post-screening Q&A session with director.

Pelan #15: “The 17s” (2014)

Pelan #15:
Title: “The 17s” (2014)- 51 min
Director: Atieh Attarzadeh & Aslan Shahebrahimi
July 16, 2015
Simon Fraser university

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“The 17s” is the story of four urban teenagers in contemporary Iran in their own words. In order to make a film about the lifestyle of these teens and see their points of views, which is quite different from the life of the previous generation, the filmmakers decided to place the camera in their hands and ask them to film their own life, under the supervision of the directors during a year.

Followed by post-screening Q&A session with director.

Pelan #14: “Residents of one-way street” and “Suddenly you went missing”

Pelan #14:
Title: “Residents of one-way street” (2014)-55 min
“Suddenly you went missing” (2013)- 26 min
Director: Mahdi Bagheri
June 08,2015
Simon Fraser university



“Residents of one-way street” is exploring the history and the memories of 30 Tir Street, door by door with six residents of this one way street.

“Suddenly you went missing” portrays 35 days of street resistance by civilian people of Khorramshahr through the photos and diaries of Behrouz Moradi who was killed in Iran-Iraq war.

Followed by post-screening Q&A session with director.

Pelan #13: “I am not nuclear energy” and “We are all soldiers”

Pelan #13:
Title:”I am not nuclear energy” (2007) – 30 min
“We are all soldiers” (2013) – 60 min
Director: Mehdi Ghorbanpour
April 22,2015
Simon Fraser university







“We are all soldiers” portrays history of compulsory military services in Iran from Constitutional Revolution to Islamic Revolution which has been told through the rare footages and interviews.

“I am not nuclear energy” shows how high level radioactive rays in Ramsar, a small town north of Iran, heats up debates among rivals in the town council election.

Followed by post-screening Q&A session with director.

Pelan #11: “Thicker than paint” and “Rain, Once again”

Pelan #11:
Title: “Thicker than paint” and “Rain, Once again”
Director: Maryam Sepehry
January 18, 2015
Emily Carr University

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“Thicker than Paint” is a portrait of an Iranian woman, a self-taught artist, who finds her way through all struggles of life. By starting from her everyday experiences, the film depicts how she reached her own vision, and style by internalizing all outside worlds’ troubles, and rendering them within her own unique paintings.

“Rain, Once again” depicts Louise Firouz’s love and perseverance in finding ponies suitable for children resulted in one of the most significant equestrian discoveries of recent times – the Caspian horse, believed to be extinct for 1300 years.

Followed by post-screening Q&A session with director.