Pelan#31: “Mouth Harp in Minor Key”+Q&A with Filmmaker

Title: “Mouth Harp in Minor Key”

Written and Directed by Maryam Sepehri
Run Time: 62 minutes
In English and Persian with English subtitles.

Dates of screening:
1-Friday February 15, 2019, at 7 pm- Simon Fraser University, Vancouver Canada-Room 2270
2-Wednesday February 20, 2019, at 7 pm- West Vancouver Memorial Library-1950 Marine Dr.

Exile as a radically transformative experience is the theme of this documentary tracing the journey of Hamid Naficy from his boyhood growing up in Iran under the Shah to the 1979 Revolution, when he was studying in the U.S., to his present as the foremost historian of Iranian cinema and renowned authority on Iranian diaspora culture. Filmmaker Maryam Sepehri explores the impact of history before and after the Islamic Revolution on the generation of those whose lives are divided between early life in the homeland and adulthood in permanent exile in the West. The film portrays Naficy’s unique role as an interpreter of the experience in all of its complexity.

About the filmmaker:
Maryam Sepehri was born in Iran. Her family moved to Tehran when she was 17. She began her university career by studying medicine and then worked for a few years in a medical lab. After that, she returned to school to get a B.A. in film making (2010) and an M.A. in photography (2012). For many years she has made short films and taken photographs, as well as writing short stories and translating from English to Farsi.
Her documentary film Rain Once Again (2012) won the award for best documentary film at the Sooreh International Short Film Festival and was nominated in this category at the 28th Tehran International Short Film Festival. Her next documentary, Thicker than Paint (2013) won the Special Cream City Cinema Jury Prize at the 5th Milwaukee Film Festival. Her photographs have been exhibited in Iran, Italy, and Germany, and her short stories and travelogues (some with accompanying photographs) have been published in Iran in book and magazine form. Mouth Harp in Minor Key (2017) is her last documentary till now which was nominated for several prizes including best film, best editing and best director in the 11th IRAN International Documentary Film Festival “CINEMA VERITE” and House of Cinema.

Pelan#30: “Portrait Of A Woman Beside Me”+Q&A with Filmmaker

Title: “Portrait Of A Woman Beside Me”

Written and Directed by Pouria Jahanshad
Run Time: 70 minutes
The movie is in Persian with the English subtitles.

Jan 16, 2019, 7 pm
West Vancouver Memorial Library (West Vancouver), and

Jan 18, 2019, 7 pm
Simon Fraser University- Harbour Center (Vancouver)

Synopsis and Director’s Note:
“Decision making is one of the difficulties that we are deeply involved in our life. In societies like Iran, women usually must make complicated choices. Choosing between studying and getting married, working and taking care of children, having social activities and accepting the common expectations of society from women. “Niloofar”, however, as an Iranian architect who has worked hard for her professional position for years and has serious social concerns, is not going to choose between social activities and the baby she is giving life to in her body.
This documentary portrays Niloofar’s efforts, her concerns, and her special corporeal and mental conditions from the viewpoint of her filmmaker husband who has tried to make a balance between filmmaking and playing the role of father/husband; a hard task, though not as hard as what his wife is trying to achieve.”

Followed by post-screening Q&A session with the filmmaker.

Pelan#29: “Painter of Wind”+Q&A with Filmmaker

Title: “Painter of Wind”
Written and Directed by Ezzatollah Parvazeh


Nov 23, 26 and 30, 2018
Simon Fraser University- Harbour Center (Vancouver),
North Vancouver City Library (North Vancouver), and
University of Concordia (Montreal)

Bijan Bahadori Kashkuli (1928-2015), a Qashqai ethnographer painter, never received any formal education in painting. Painter of Wind (2015) follows Kashkuli’s last years of life as he was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. The documentary portrays the painter’s art and life by exploring his paintings as well as interviews with family, friends, artists, and the Qashqai people. Bahadori’s paintings are today used as documents for anthropological studies on the Qashqai culture.

Music: Karang Karbasi
Director of Photography: Ebrahim Moradi
Sound Editing: Mojtaba Habibollahi
Run Time: 45’:23’’
The movie is in Persian and Qashqai Turki with the English subtitles.

About the director:
Ezzatollah Parvezeh (born in 1973, Shahre-Kord, Iran), won the Best Film award for his documentary Knit Doll in 2014 Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival, Qatar. His last documentary, My Mother, My Tribe (2017) is about a nomad woman who migrates to the city to raise her visually-impaired children that succeed in music and literature. In December 2017, My Mother, My Tribe won the special jury award at the 11th Cinema Verite festival, Iran’s major international documentary festival.

Pelan#28: “Karim Lakzadeh: A review of his short films”

Title: “Gambler and other short films”
Directed by Karim Lakzadeh

October 19 and 23, 2018
Simon Fraser University- Harbour Center (Vancouver) and
University of Concordia (Montreal)

An elderly man works at a guest house with his friends. His daughter is coming to visit him after 25 years of living in Germany. The old man and his friends are preparing her visit.
Run Time: 26’40”
Cast: Yousefali Daryadel, Mohammad Mohammadloo, Sonia Sanjari, Jafar Vahabpour,
Director of Photography: Pouyan Ranjbar,

In a misty village, on the top of a mountain, two gamblers stupefy an old one and take him to his deserted cottage located in the middle of the jungle for revenge. They bury him alive in his own garden and find his mon…
Run Time: 20’0″
Cast: Shahbaz Asadi, Behzad Dorani,
Director of Photography: Pouyan Ranjbar,

JILA (2014)
Sisters Zahra and Zeynab were born hairless. Their close friend Jila brings home an old woman who can supposedly cure them. Despite their initial reluctance, they very quickly take to the …
Run Time: 20’0″
Starring: Jila Daei, Zeynab Ebnrahimi, Zahra Amir Ebrahimi

About Director:
Karim Lakzadeh (born in 1986, Iran/Shiraz) is an Iranian filmmaker and playwright. In 2004, he graduated from Theater School where he studied writing for theatre and cinema along with directing for TV. His play The Fortress won him the Best Experimental Theater Prize, 2008, Tehran. Karim Lakzadeh has directed 7 short films that have been screened in Iran, amongst them Jila (2014) and Gambler (2015) and A girl in the room (2016) have been screened at many film festivals and fetched him international recognition.

All movies have English subtitle.

Pelan#27 “Fest of Duty”

Title: Fest of Duty” (2014)- 61min
Director: Firoozeh Khosravani

September 21, 2018
Simon Fraser University- Harbour Center (Vancouver)
University of Concordia (Montreal)


‘Fest of Duty’ (جشن تکلیف) is a religious ceremony designed to establish Islamic beliefs and values in girls when they reach the age of nine. The film follows two adolescent cousins as they enter into adulthood eight years after their official Fest of Duty.

About Director:
Firouzeh Khosrovani (born in Iran) settled in Italy to complete her art studies at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Brera. She made her filmmaking debut with a documentary about the Iran-Iraq War. In 2007, she directed a documentary “Rough Cut” which won several international awards. In 2011, she participated in a collective project Espelho Meu, winner of the Best National Documentary Award in Documenta Madrid. In 2012, she made documentary “Iran, Unveiled and Veiled Again”. In 2014 she produced and directed “Fest of Duty” and also participated in a group project titled “Profession: Documentarist” with six independent women documentary filmmakers from Iran – who were brought together by the desire to capture the world around them. “Radiography of a Family” is her latest film which portrays the story of a daughter of a secular father and a devout mother.

Pelan #26: “Passion of Ebraam”

Title: “Passion of Ebraam” (2016)- 52min
Director: Hamed Zolfaghari

March 17, 2017
Simon Fraser University- Harbour Center, Room 1600

zarhaye ebram-hamed zolfaghari3

A portrait documentary movie about Ebrahim Monsefi (Rami), poet and musician from Hormozgan province, who has had a great influence on the literature, art and the music of south if Iran.

Followed by post-screening Q&A session with filmmaker.

Pelan #25: “Revolution Road, The Professor Nejatollahi Crossing”

Title: “Revolution Road, The Professor Nejatollahi Crossing” (2010-2013)- 53min
Director: Nassim Najafi

November 18, 2016
Simon Fraser University- Harbour Center, Room 2270
Final 2

Right after the 1979 Iranian Revolution and the replacement of the Pahlavi dynasty by the Islamic Republic regime, many street names were changed to the names of the martyrs of the Revolution. Some of these names were historically famous and familiar for Iranian people but some other were totally unknown and unfamiliar individuals. One of them was Kamran Nejatollahi. This documentary is about him and other university professors, whom tried to raise their voices and organize a peaceful protest against the regime of Shah; the killing of Kamran during demonstrations; the tribunal of his presumed assassin in the revolutionary court; the lives of his colleagues after that; and finally their feelings and thoughts about what they wanted to achieve in those days: A Revolution!

Nassim Najafi begun her film studies in 2006 in Tehran Film School after finishing engineering studies in university. Her early works consist of an experimental short film and a documentary about one of the Iranian films (part of a bigger project focusing on Iranian cinema). The idea for her new documentary was very simple: “Who was Kamran Nejatollahi?”. She spent three years of extensive researches on this topic to collect enough materials (interviews, photos,historical facts and footages) for making her first independent documentary “Revolution Road, The Professor Nejatollahi Crossing”. The movie sheds lights on part of Iran’s history after revolution that we are not necessarily aware of that.

The movie was screened in “Iran International Documentary Film Festival, “Cinema Verite” and “House of Cinema Festival” competition. Nassim is still working in Iranian film industry as an editor, production manager, film critic, and documentary maker. She is currently working on her new documentary.

Followed by post-screening Q&A session with filmmaker.

Pelan #24:“I Akbar Etemad, Split Atoms”

Title: I Akbar Etemad, Split Atoms (2014)- 82min
Director: Ahmadreza Ganjei and Vahid Hosseini
October 17, 2016

Simon Fraser University- Harbour Center, Room 1425

etemad - Copy
“I Akbar Etemad, Split Atoms” is a documentary about Akbar Etemad portrays his life through interviewing him and by using real footages and historical facts and documents.
Akbar Etemad was the president of the Atomic Energy Organisation of Iran from 1974 to 1978. He is popularly called the father of Iran’s nuclear program. After the 1979 Iranian revolution, he left Iran and established office in Paris and worked there as a nuclear energy consultant (Wikepedia).
This documentary follows Etemad’s works and thoughts about Iran before and after revolution, Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi and the way he govrned the country and also Iran’s nuclear projects and ambitious before and after 1979.
Followed by post-screening Q&A session with filmmaker.

Pelan #23:“First Iranian Movie Night”

Title: Parviz (2012)- 107 min
Director: Majid Barzegar
Cast: Levon Haftvan, Homeira Nonahali, Mahmoud Behrouzian, Ali Ramez
June 12, 2016
Simon Fraser University- Harbour Center, Fletcher Theater
Despite his 50 years Parviz still lives off his father and the two men don’t get on very well. Things come to a head when the father tells his son he has decided to remarry. Parviz has no other choice but surrender his place to his step-mother and leave home. Parviz finds it difficult to get used to this new solitary life far from his neighborhood and the people he knows. He thus concocts a novel way of fighting back against the injustice done to him.


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Pelan #22: “First Iranian Short Animation Night” (2003-2015)

Pelan #22:
Title: “First Iranian Short Animation Night” (2003-2015)- 77 min
A collection of ten Iranian short animations.
March 14, 2016
Simon Fraser University- Harbour Center, Room 1800

Poster Portrait Instagram

Poster is based on: “Based on Photo” by Elika Mehranpour

For this month’s Pelan, plan is adding new theme to its routine movie screening by organizing first animation night. This is an exciting ride with a collection of 10 short animations made by young talented artists who live and work in Iran. An eye opening project as it contains a range of funny, musical, colorful artworks as well as black and white, sharp and heart wrenching stories. Whatever they are, we are sure that these honest and sometimes very personal stories will tickles your senses.